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Exposure Units

We offer a wide range of exposure units for different applications. If you are a screen printer looking for a screen exposure unit, you will find all the available options in the section under the yellow coloured unit. We supply UV vacuum bed units, LED vacuum bed units and metal halide, just aimed at screen printers, although our LED exposure units are also being used by other industries.

If you need to produce other UV processed materials such as ID-Mark®, pad printing plates, hot foil polymer plates, engraving stencils etc. you may want to review the section called UV Exposure Units: Vacuum Bed (the cream coloured unit). If your artwork is not very detailed and a pressure pad UV exposure unit will do the job, click on the black unit to review our British made units.

If you need help and advice about which unit is best for you, simply call us on 0845 224 1204 or 03303 500 524 (from a mobile).

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